Officer Chase
Step into the Ring





"With all the brainpower on this island, it makes you wonder how Luskey keeps getting reelected."

"Who knows, one of the many mysteries of this grand island of ours."

"Like how Huxley Prescott is still allowed to broadcast?"

"That one’s easy. The island wouldn’t get any media coverage if Huxley was fired and you know how Luskey adores tourist bait.

The Trouble with Turkeys




Trying not to laugh at Boulder, Blades played bird herder as he corralled the birds to the pen.

Boulder came around in case there were strays, but most of them seemed intent on the water trough and claiming a good spot in the comfy looking straw. Though he did have to snag a little one that veered off to chase an insect crawling through the grass. ”Gotcha, into the pen you go. You’ll be safe there.”

Still clutching the pan in one servo, Chase moved to shut the pen once Blades and Boulder had all of the turkeys inside. “There we are. Once they  get picked up in the morning our job will be done.”


this is the tackiest shit ive ever seen. doctor morocco, you need to Stop

I spy, with my little optic, a MorBot, an anti-aging machine, a weather machine, a memory altering machine, a tea set, and a tacky Morocco trademark rug.


You know it’s going to be one of THOSE evenings when you kick it off with a lap full of yogurt……..

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Found Heatwave’s boat-mode, Blades’ dino-mode, and the new Bumblebee figure (I like the new black highlights on Bee) at Target

Hand and Heart
Beautiful Weather We’re Having, Baby



"Yes, that was… fun. I wonder if we tried doing such a thing here on ..Earth." While it felt like a first time saying the planets name, it rolled off his glossia naturally. His frame remembered a lot that his mind currently did not. Giving him an incredible feeling of déjà vu. Blades allowed his field to do the majority of the talking, not that he was going to stop talking altogether in place of using his em field, but as an addition too. Taking great care to allow it to intertwine with Chase’s like woven hands. Though when the lights flickered, and the thunder ripped across the sky it wavered.

"It was definitely an experience, though I’m not sure we could try it here. I don’t believe the human’s version of high grade is compatible with Cybertronian systems.” Chase had the feeling he was missing something with that comment, it was frustrating to have one’s frame remember things that one’s processor could not.
Having Blades’ field twined with his own helped to ease the frustration, it felt natural, like they had been designed to fit together and when Blades’ field wavered, Chase’s immediately became supportive and comforting without the police-bot even applying any extra thought to the situation.   

ɥɔʇıʍs swap



Chase chuckled lightly, “Blades was the only one, actually.”

"Why am I not surprised? He’s such an exhibitionist. How’d that work out for him?" Dani imagined Blades dramatically falling to the ground exclaiming how he was dying. ‘Bet I could chew gum if I bought enough packs. Anything to make my mouth not taste so .. bad. Do bots even brush their teeth. Do I have teeth even?’

"Not… so well. He gunked up his intake pretty badly and acted like he was about to deactivate on us."

A D̶a̶n̶d̶y̶ Dani Thread (Vacation)



"What?" Kade flipped Chase right-side up and looked at him. Dizzy, the police-bot gave him a small wave.
"B-but… Chase, you’re tiny!!!”
Chase raised an optic ridge, “really? Well thank you for that observation Kade, I was completely unaware.” Though not usually given to sarcasm like some of his teammates, he was fairly certain that his front end alignment was now out of balance and was thoroughly annoyed about it.

Dani felt for Chase, he looked utterly disheveled as he gave Kade a rather pointed look. One that did not go a miss. “Kade you’ve really outdone yourself again. I’m so sorry Chase.” She looked at Kade none too impressed with him at the moment. Sticking out her hands cupped together as if she were going up for communion.

Acting as though he was holding onto something immensely gross, Kade fumbled to dump Chase into Dani’s outstretched hands and wiped his own down on his pant leg. “Eww-um, s-sorry Chase.” He left them standing there without another word.
Chase raised an optic ridge at the sudden departure. “How is it that he can make even an apology seem insulting?”